Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Financial Freedom Part 2

Did you know that there are more than 2,300 scriptures in the Bible that deal with the area of finances?? That is an amazing fact. When I read this in our study book (http://www.crown.org/) I was absolutely shocked. You see, growing up in church the ONLY time I ever remember a sermon dealing with finances was when the pastor was teaching us to give our first 10% to the church. This has been the most transforming thought in our study of financial freedom so far. I've learned that God not only wants to direct our first 10% but He wants to direct the other 90% as well, and He's provided plenty of scriptures to guide us in this.

My whole life as a child of God I have thought that if I gave my 10% to the church and also gave additional offerings that I was good to go. I have been living my life in the dark! How could this be? I am a child of the Living God and I've gone to church for 41 years. Well, this is proof that we cannot expect to learn everything that is in God's word from our church. It's really about having a personal and growing relationship with our heavenly Father.

So, how does God view debt? Well, there are so many verses of scripture that address this I would encourage you to look them up! But to write this blog I'll list a few of my favorites:
Deu 15:4 ...For Jehovah shall greatly bless you in the land which Jehovah your God gives you for an inheritance to possess it, Deu 15:5 only if you carefully listen to the voice of Jehovah your God to be careful to do all these comandments which I command you today. Deu 15:6 For Jehovah your God blesses you as He promised you. And you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow. And you shall reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over you.

That is such a powerful verse. It shows me that I must obey God's commands and listen to His voice. When is the last time you purposefully tried to listen to His voice? I used to do this frequently but over the years I've allowed my life to be so busy that I stopped taking the time to listen to God. This is an area that God has awakened in me again and it feels so good to be in active relationship with Him again! I encourage you to ask God to talk to you today regarding the area of finances. Ask Him if you should make a purchase or not. You'll be amazed at how He might answer! But answer, He will.

Some more verses that were good to read: Pro 22:7 The poor are ruled by the rich, and those who borrow are slaves of moneylenders.
1Co 7:23 God paid a great price for you. So don't become slaves of anyone else.
Phi 4:19 And my God will fully supply your every need according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Wow, this was an eye opener for me. I certainly don't want to be ruled over by anyone else and realizing the powerful way God purchased my life, through the death and ressurection of His only son, Jesus, I am compelled to not want to get into debt. I don't have a right to get into debt. The money isn't mine at all, it was bought with a price that I cannot repay. But what freedom is in these verses. I am free to live without debt. I am free to have Him meet all of my needs. I am free to serve the one true Living God.

So, instead of feeling like I am accountable for the 12% or so of money that I lovingly give to God's works in the kingdom, I now realize that I am accountable for 100% of the money I have been given. It's not mine, it's God's. Now, when we pray about a purchase and God say's "no" then I can freely say "no" to that purchase without guilt or regret, and most importantly - NO DEBT!

I hope that God will encourage you to listen to His voice and look in His word to find out how He can handle your finances in a way that only leads to Financial Freedom.

Joh 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!

Praying for all who read this blog today! Love Sonya


Bonita said...

One thing I've learned is that we are stewards of everything God has given us- salvation, money, talents, homes, husbands, health, children, friendships, etc... The hard part is being a "good" steward of all those things, but I'm enjoying learning more about how to be a better steward and, thankfully, God is pretty explicit about all of it in His word. Now if I could just master putting it into practice.

I enjoyed reading your insights, particularly the part about being a slave to the lender. Too bad every lending establishment or credit card company doesn't have a ball and chain as the logo. I bet we'd all think twice if we saw that every time we were tempted to charge something or go in debt.

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